2023 Food and Health Survey

The 2023 Food and Health Survey marks the 18th time the International Food Information Council (IFIC) has surveyed Americans to understand their perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors surrounding food and food-purchasing decisions. This year’s survey continues an examination of issues related to personal health, nutrition, eating patterns, food production, and food safety. Among many highlights, this year’s survey findings include:

  • The increased cost of food and beverages has impacted shopping behaviors for many Americans
  • Social media content focused on food and nutrition can cause confusion and doubt
  • Food and beverage choices are interconnected with mental and emotional well-being
  • Environmental sustainability continues to trail other decision-making factors
  • Roughly half of Americans have followed an eating pattern or diet in the past year
  • Snacking frequency remains elevated for the second straight year
  • More Americans are willing to pay additional costs for products that are socially sustainable

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Suggested citation for the 2023 Food and Health Survey: International Food Information Council. 2023 Food & Health Survey. 23 May 2023. [https://foodinsight.org/2023-food-health-survey/]