Your COVID-19 Resource for Food Safety and Nutrition

Your COVID-19 Resource for Food Safety and Nutrition

We’ve rounded up all of our COVID-19 resources on food production, food safety and nutrition, all in one spot:

A Closer Look at Meat Safety During COVID-19

Summer may be grilling season, but while we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking to buy and cook food and host gatherings in different ways. This article covers safety regulations for meat in a pandemic.

COVID-19 and Food Safety Concerns: Results from the 2020 Food and Health Survey

Food safety concerns have been a major topic in the public conversation around COVID-19, alongside issues like the coronavirus and shopping, the coronavirus and the food supply, and the coronavirus and food deliveries. Our 2020 Food and Health Survey, which was fielded in mid-April, dug deeper into Americans’ perceptions of food safety during this unpredictable time. Here are some of the key findings.

IFIC Recognizes World Food Safety Day 2020: Top Food Safety Facts to Keep in Mind

As we celebrated World Food Safety Day on June 7th this yearin the midst of a global pandemic—it’s now more important than ever for us to think about how to safely buy, prepare and serve our food.

Consumer Survey: A Second Look at COVID-19’s Impact on Food Purchasing, Eating Behaviors and Perceptions of Food Safety

We conducted our first consumer research on COVID-19’s effects on shopping for food, eating habits and perspectives on food safety in early April. This most recent survey, fielded May 7th to May 12th, serves as a follow-up to this initial research. It tracks several questions asked previously in April and asks new ones to help us better capture the full scale of the pandemic’s effects on how we think and feel about food in these ever-changing times.

The U.S. Food Supply Amid COVID-19

In the global emergency caused by the spread of COVID-19, the world’s food system has been forced to adapt quickly. Farms, production warehouses, grocery stores, and every other part of the food supply chain have had to make adjustments in this unique time due to the restrictions in place limiting things like travel and the amount of people allowed in one space at one time.

Consumer Survey: COVID-19’s Impact on Food Purchasing, Eating Behaviors and Perceptions of Food Safety

For many of us, our normal shopping routines – and certainly eating out – have been entirely upended. To capture what we know to be widespread changes in how we buy food, how we feel about food safety and ultimately what we eat, the International Food Information Council conducted a consumer research survey, which was fielded on April 6th and 7th.

When It Comes to Immune Health, Does What We Eat Matter?

In the time of COVID-19, immune health is at the top of everyone’s minds. How does the food we eat support immune health? We discuss why many trendy supplements and “superfoods” don’t make the cut, and whether or not you can really “boost your immune system through food. (Hint: the answer is no.)

Nutrition Tips for Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic

How do we grocery shop nutritiously, efficiently and thoughtfully during a time like this? IFIC has gathered a few of our best tips to make grocery shopping a little easier for you during this challenging time.

Coronavirus and Safe Food Shopping Q&A

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many of us are trying to navigate how to safely venture out and shop for groceries, bring food into our homes, and prepare meals. With takeout and delivery as common options, how do we ensure we’re making changes in a safe manner?

Coronavirus: Healthy Habits During a Pandemic

This article covers what the novel coronavirus is, how it is spread, and our recommended food safety practices—how routine hygienic practices like handwashing are at the forefront of prevention.