IFIC Research: Understanding Fluid Milk & Dairy Food Consumption Patterns to Enhance Diet Quality & Nutrition Equity

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This IFIC consumer research study provides crucial insights into what drives the general population,  including BIPOC populations, to consume and/or avoid dairy foods and beverages. 

Knowing more about what drives or inhibits dairy consumption can assist stakeholders’ efforts in enhancing consumer education; identifying trusted and effective outreach partners; and increasing knowledge about the nutritional value and health benefits; and addressing potential barriers associated with consuming recommended amounts of dairy as part of a healthy dietary pattern. 

The prevalence of lactose-intolerance among BIPOC communities, concerns about expiration dates, and goals to reduce saturated fat intake present opportunities to increase awareness of and accessibility to lactose-free, reduced- and non-fat, as well as innovative dairy products that safely extend expiration dates, making consuming the recommended amount of dairy and ultimately, increasing diet quality actionable and achievable for all Americans. 

Data was collected from November 17-28, 2023 via an online survey of 3,032 Americans ages 18 years to 80+ years. Fielding included quotas by race or ethnicity as well as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) eligibility, with an oversample on non-White and SNAP-eligible (i.e. low-income) populations. For this IFIC study, respondents were considered “SNAP-eligible” based on the self-reported household size and total household income, which is how the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) calculates SNAP eligibility.