IFIC Spotlight Survey: Public Perceptions of Pesticides & Produce Consumption

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) commissioned an online research survey with consumers based in the US to measure knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about pesticides and their application in food production. One thousand adults aged 18+ years completed the survey from February 9-13, 2024, and responses were weighted to ensure proportional results. 

  • The majority of Americans consider how food is grown when making food and beverage decisions.
  • Keeping food safe and the use of pesticides are top concerns when considering how food is grown.
  • Rinsing fresh produce and trusting farmers to responsibly use pesticides are the top reasons for not being concerned about pesticide use.
  • Consumers who are concerned with pesticide use report that they avoid foods because of this concern.
  • Vegetables and fruits are the top food groups avoided due to pesticide concerns.
  • Nearly half of Americans believe organic agriculture does not use pesticides to grow food.
  • Approximately two in three Americans believe pesticides are used to decrease pest bacteria, bugs, mold, and weeds.
  • Nearly three in ten Americans agree the health benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables that are grown with pesticides outweigh the risks.
  • Government agencies, health professionals, and farmers are the most trusted sources about the safety of pesticides to grow food.

For the full executive summary and top findings, click here.