IFIC Spotlight Survey: Caffeine

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) commissioned an online research survey with consumers based in the US to measure knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs about caffeine. One thousand adults aged 18+ years completed the survey from January 12-16, 2024, and responses were weighted to ensure proportional results. 

  • Most Americans consume caffeine daily and believe it is safe to do so, yet simultaneously report being unaware of how much is considered safe to consume.
  • Uncovering this knowledge gap makes enhanced education efforts about safe caffeine consumption paramount.
  • Consumers indicate that they look to multiple entities, including yet beyond the government, for confirmation of caffeine’s safety.
  • To meet consumer expectations and demand, this critical responsibility should be coordinated and shared among various stakeholders including federal, state, and local government entities such as state-supported extension specialists; supply chain stakeholders, including retail and foodservice providers; as well as the public health and health professional community, including registered dietitians, many of whom communicate directly to the public.

For the full executive summary and top findings, click here.