Editor’s Note: “Marching” Toward Better Health


What does March mean to you? Basketball “madness”? Weather resembling lions or lambs? Daylight Saving Time? The blooming of cherry blossoms and crocuses?

For us, March is National Nutrition Month, a time when food and health take center stage. This year’s theme is especially tantalizing: “Savoring the Flavor of Eating Right.” It’s a great reminder that eating healthfully doesn’t have to come at the expense of taste.

In this month’s Food Insight newsletter, we offer some tips to help you experience that theme in your own life. We also take a look at some of the most flavorful things of all: exotic spices from around the world. (Most of them came as welcome news to me.) We continue our series on “Foods of the Future” with a peek into the petri dish. And we explain why, even on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s not easy “being green.”

Whether you spend this month planting your garden or on the couch watching college hoops, there is always plenty of time, and many ways, to savor flavors … and to eat right.