Better Know a Dietitian: Meet Liz

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Every day, we at FoodInsight are working hard to bring you great content by qualified experts. But who are these experts toiling away? In our new series, “Better Know a Dietitian,” we introduce you to the smart folks who make sure that you’ve got the very best information in food safety and nutrition. 

This week, meet Liz Sanders, RD, our Program Manager for Food Safety Communications. She writes many of the food safety and food culture blogs you love, including recent pieces on Orthorexia, the safety (or lack thereof!) of raw milk, and forecasting 2015 food trends. When she isn’t bringing you great food information, she may be cooking peanut butter chili or engaging in a rap battle. Read on to learn more about Liz.


Better Know a Dietitian: Liz Sanders Installment



How I sum up what an RD does in 10 words or less: Coaches and communicates to help individuals have better relationships with food.


When I received my RD: 2014 – I’m a ‘baby’ RD!


My favorite movie is: Moonstruck – I love it.


What most surprises people about RDs is: That RDs love food! That also means we eat cake sometimes. When we’re off the clock, we aren’t judging what you eat. 


My favorite food splurge is: Really good French fries. Perfect balance of crispy and soft, with the skin on, square cut. And with salt and ketchup. 


My best memory of being an RD is: from my first job as an RD. I worked as an RD in a Diabetes program, and I worked with a patient who was pre-diabetes.  When we worked together, he was so excited to hear what I have to say. It was like working with a friend. We established a coaching relationship, not a bossy one. 


liz-mid-improv-comedyIf I had to eat one meal the rest of my life: Salmon, with skin-on mashed potatoes and spinach. You want it to be really healthful and really good. 


My secret talent is: Improv comedy. I perform long-form improvised comedy, and I’ve written sketch comedy before. Oh and I’ve won more than one rap battle! (Check out Liz mid-performance, on right)


One thing I cook well is: Peanut butter chili. It’s like a mix between Thai and southwestern, and it’s surprisingly good even though it doesn’t sound like it. Bonus- it’s super high in protein and fiber!


The best thing about working at FoodInsight is: I get to think scientifically and evaluate research, while also being creative. You’re thinking about the science behind food, but you also get to write posts about the Bachelor.


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