Blog entry | Dec 05 2017

A walk into any restaurant, coffee shop or grocery store confirms that there are few foods as versatile as soy.

Blog entry | Nov 30 2017

After my third year of a PhD program in nutrition science, I was getting pretty used to fielding questions about nutrition from grocery store cashiers, taxi drivers, casual acquaintances, friends,

Blog entry | Aug 02 2017

I am a big fan of documentaries- they are usually a good mix of entertainment and education (#nerdalert).

Blog entry | Apr 05 2017

Blog entry | Jan 12 2017

It only took two weeks into 2017 to have splashy, click bait headlines from a new study, generating a swirl of co

Blog entry | Aug 26 2015

I love going to conferences. There's so much to learn and so many experts to learn from. Recently, I learned that that not everyone understands that not all research is created equal.

Blog entry | Jul 16 2015

Science is about focused, objective analysis, independent questions, and nuanced answers.

Blog entry | Jun 22 2015

When you see a headline touting exaggerated or unsupported claims, it’s easy to blame the media. While media can be one part of the problem, there are other parts of the process in play.

Blog entry | Jun 18 2015


Blog entry | Feb 12 2015

The big screen is heating up with 50 Shades of Grey this week. I may be a bit unconventional, but it’s got me pondering the shades of gray I encounter every day.

Blog entry | Feb 11 2015

It's hard to see headlines about vaccinations and not think about another promising technology for humans: biotechnology. But the analogies only go so far.

Blog entry | Jan 29 2015

You probably thought you could escape all of the “Deflategate” drama surrounding the Super Bowl by reading a food and nutrition blog.

Blog entry | Sep 16 2014

The volume of science that's out there on food and nutrition is staggering, and living in a Google-based world is a blessing and a curse.

Blog entry | Aug 26 2014

Last night, the TV-lovers among us celebrated some of the more popular potrayals of science on the small screen: