Blog entry | Apr 03 2018

The Nutrition Facts label is getting a makeover — its first in nearly a quarter-century.  Most products will be using the updated label by Jan. 1, 2020, and some already are.

Blog entry | Jan 26 2018

Potassium – how could I live without you? Well, the answer is…I couldn’t. Potassium is essential to life.

Blog entry | Jun 30 2015

Sixteen years ago, I curled up on the couch with my father and grandfather. We cheered and cheered as Julie Foudy captained the US women’s team to the championship.

Blog entry | Jun 12 2011

Kris Sollid, RD and Catherine Metzgar, Dietetic Intern, Penn State University

Blog entry | Feb 17 2011

By: Elizabeth Rahavi, RD Date: 2/18/10