Blog entry | Oct 25 2017

Eating food to survive is not a choice, it is a necessity. Thus, food safety is of the highest importance to all of us. How can food safety be upheld? How can our food supply be protected?

Blog entry | Jun 15 2016

A vast body of information and research has grown regarding cancer. But for several decades, the illness was at best a mystery.

Blog entry | Jun 13 2016

NitritesFear the word! I am betting at some point in the endless ritual of perusing the internet, you have stumbled across the topic of nitrites/nitrates in food.

Blog entry | Jan 14 2016

(UPDATED below)

Article | Oct 19 2015

What do a cell phone and a career as a hairdresser have in common?

Blog entry | Jun 10 2015

We have received a number of questions regarding a petition to the FDA by seven primarily environmental advocacy groups seeking to ban eight food additives, so we wanted to help put it into context