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Blog entry | Nov 21 2017

It’s time again to enjoy all of our favorite holiday food traditions. While loading up on pie and green bean casserole, it’s easy to feel like this time of year is one indulgence after another.

Blog entry | Mar 01 2016

Super Tuesday brings a lot of excitement in the political world. It’s not just a Tuesday, it’s a massive-exercise-in-democracy Super Tuesday. “Super” definitely adds flair to a word.

Blog entry | Feb 16 2016

Chlorella: It’s not what led to the demise of your family in the Oregon Trail videogame. (That would be "cholera.") Chlorella is actually one of those “superfoods” you keep hearing so much about.

Blog entry | Feb 09 2016

It seems like everything these days is labeled as a “superfood.” What exactly is a “superfood?” Dr.

Blog entry | Dec 02 2015

With the holidays in full swing around here, I am always looking for ways to “health-ify” my diet as more indulgent foods seem to creep on to my plate.

Article | Nov 24 2015

The term "superfoods" has become all the rage. But what is a superfood, and is this term really even appropriate?

Blog entry | Nov 04 2015

Every morning, Monday through Friday, after completing a yoga session, I make a green smoothie.

Blog entry | Oct 16 2015

We welcome fall with big cozy sweaters, dark colors and delicious soups to keep us warm. It is finally time to enjoy apple picking activities and other fun fall activities with our loved ones!

Blog entry | Feb 18 2015

Oscar buzz has us talking in the office. When we heard the nominees for “Best Picture” our nutritional hearing may have defaulted. It looks like we misheard some of the potential winning titles.

Blog entry | Jan 26 2015

An orange might have more health benefits for you when it’s in the form of juice than as piece of fruit. Surprised?

Blog entry | Jan 15 2015

The upcoming 87th Academy Awards have us holding our breath to see who wins for best picture, best director, and best actor and actress.

Blog entry | Dec 19 2014

In the spirit of the season, we’re bringing you 5 Christmas Movie Meal Hacks! So curl up with some classic Netflix, a few of these seasonal meals, and our secrets to make the most out of them:

Blog entry | Jul 17 2014

By: Megan Meyer, Microbiology and Immunology Doctoral Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill