added sugar

Blog entry | Dec 11 2018

Sugar, in one form or another, is added to many of our favorite foods and beverages.

Blog entry | Oct 31 2018

Haunted houses, horror movies and hilarious costumes all make Halloween a scary good time. Candy is also a big part of Halloween, which means there’s no better time of year to talk about sugar.

Blog entry | Aug 21 2018

If you read food labels, you’re likely familiar with many of the ingredients in your food. Some ingredients, like sugar, probably get your attention more than others.

Blog entry | May 18 2018

When you think about trying to eat healthier, sugary foods and drinks probably don’t top your list of things to eat more of.

Blog entry | Apr 11 2018

Food is often central to our gatherings and conversations with friends and family. And it usually doesn’t take long before the conversation turns to what people are trying to eat less of.

Blog entry | Aug 01 2017

For the first time, in 2015, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) included a recommendation

Blog entry | Dec 30 2016

Ever hear that natural sugars are better for you? Or that they have vitamins and minerals, so they’re healthier?

Blog entry | Oct 28 2010

As October 31 nears, we've got Halloween candy on the brain!  Halloween marks the start of a series of holiday events brimming with delectable indulgences, goodies, and home-baked treats.  But for