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Do You Consider Yourself a Foodie?

Do you consider yourself a foodie? According to the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation’s 2017 Food and Health Survey, foodies are more confident in their nutrition know-how, will sacrifice cost and convenience to get foods that align with their values, and even define “healthy” differently than other types of consumers. An analysis of purchase drivers from 2017 Food & Health Survey findings reveals six distinct groups of consumers, including foodies.

Don't Think You CAN Make a Football Feast? Think Again.

Oh, the Big Game. People enjoy the game for many reasons. Some want to watch their team win the grand prize of professional football. Others watch in order to partake in the greatest debate of our time: “Who had the best Super Bowl commercial?” And then some just want to eat yummy food.

No matter what your reason for watching the Big Game, you will most likely need to prepare a dish of some kind to share with your family or friends.

Should We Actually Tell the Jackfruit To "Hit the Road"?

It is no secret that consumers are expanding their palates to include foods from around the world. Last year, Google reported that international cuisine is a hot search topic and consumers are eager to “travel through taste.” Not only that, they are interested in the health benefits of these foods.

Jackfruit is among the foods to creep up on Internet “listicles” as the next foreign cure-all. But what does this food really have to offer? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out.

The Top Food Insight Blogs of 2016

Throughout 2016, the IFIC Foundation has brought you the scoop on all things food. Let’s take a look back at our top posts from the year (based on the total number of views):

Were Our Predicted Food Trends for 2016 Really Trendy?

Back in December of 2015, we made some predictions on what 2016 would bring in terms of food trends. A lot of people try their luck at pinpointing the next big thing in food when the New Year is looming. But I wanted to take things a step further to see if our predictions stacked up.  

To do this, I took a look at how often our trends appeared in the media. Turns out, we did a pretty good job at nailing down what would be the buzzworthy food topics of 2016. But which ones were the most popular? Let’s find out!

Put Yourself on the Nice List

Here at the IFIC Foundation, we like to bust myths and give it to you straight.

Well, I’m here today to tell you something that might be shocking to some of our younger viewers...Santa Claus isn’t real.

Yes Virginia, there is no jolly man in a red suit who decides what kind of presents you get based on your behavior throughout the year. No lumps of coal. 

Instead, it’s up to you to put yourself on the nice list. And this time of year, it’s especially important to be nice to yourself when it comes to the food you eat.

Seven Foodie Influencers We Love

Here at, we love blogging and sharing educational materials about all things food, nutrition and agriculture. If you are curious to learn even more about the food you eat, check out these seven food bloggers and websites for some inspiration! 

Incorporating Some "Stranger Things" Into Your Diet

“Stranger Things” was one of this year’s unexpected hits. The show is indeed full of strange things: the Upside-Down, telekinetic powers, government experiments and creepy monsters. But here at Food Insight, we noticed something a little stranger: Eleven’s diet. But can Eleven’s eclectic choices of food provide her a healthy eating pattern? Let’s take a look.

A Second Chance for Some Misjudged Foods

Some foods enjoy a great reputation. And they should!  I love it when healthy foods are popular and flying off the shelf. But what about some less popular foods that still pack a nutritional punch? Let’s take a look at three different foods you might overlook but should consider throwing in your cart during this week’s grocery haul.