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Farm to Fork Italian Style

By: Kimberly Reed   Date: 2/22/10

Buon giorno!  Greetings from Florence, Italy, where I am attending a conference focused on my favorite topic: food.

First Lady Michelle Obama's "Healthy Food Financing Initiative" Announcement Highlights the Importance of Affordable, Healthful Foods in Underserved Communities

By: Kimberly Reed   Date: 2/19/10

Today, my two worlds of professional experience -- food and finance -- collided in the name of bettering America's communities when First Lady Michelle Obama announced a new multi-year "Healthy Food Financing Initiative."  You might wonder how food and finance intersect for me.  

Gold Medal Fitness: Burning Calories the Olympic Way

By: Michelle Ronholm   Date: 2/16/10

Olympic fever is setting in. In fact, on my dining room table right now is the Sports Illustrated Olympic Preview and the Washington Post Vancouver Games edition. Every time I log onto the Internet, I'm taken directly to the official Olympic homepage (the hockey section, of course!)

Chocolate: A guilty pleasure or a delightfully functional food?

My heart sings at the sight of chocolate. Though my gut instinct is to restrict myself to one small treat, I often find myself indulging in one of life's greatest pleasures: the sweet taste of chocolate. With that in mind, you and I both may be pleased to know that chocolate, famous for its rich taste, sweet flavor, and melt-in-your-mouth texture, may actually be beneficial to your health, in small doses.

Exploring the Facts and Myths of Acrylamide

By: Tony Flood   Date 2/12/10

Did you know that acrylamide has been around since we began cooking food?  It is a naturally occurring chemical compound that results from a reaction of sugars with specific amino acids during the cooking and frying process.  Have you ever toasted a piece of bread and noticed the browning effect?  That effect is known as the maillard reaction.  Simply put, during this reaction, acrylamide as well as number of other compounds, are formed.

History of Acrylamide

Michelle Obama's Initiative to Combat Childhood Obesity, An Issue Already Close to Our Hearts

By: Marianne Smith-Edge, MS, RD, LS, FADA   Date: 2/11/10

The International Food Information Council Foundation applauds First Lady Michelle Obama's new initiative to get kids eating healthier and exercising more, and we share her passion. At the Foundation, we have been addressing the importance of the relationship between food choices, regular daily activity, and obesity for over a decade and recognize that solving the epidemic requires a lifestyle and cultural change.

Family, Friends, Food, and the Super Bowl

By: Bridget Hollingsworth   Date: 2/5/10

Celebrating Canned Food Month

By: Katie Burns   Date 2/4/10