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Information about the food we eat surrounds us, yet much of it is low on evidence and high on hype. To help counter this misinformation, our team of self-proclaimed “food nerds” is focused on the facts

Newsbite: Stop the Food Waste Confusion

Are you confused about “sell-by,” “best-by,” or “use-by” language and dates you see stamped on the packaging of your favorite foods and beverages? You are not alone! While food safety is a primary concern for consumers, food waste is also an issue. To help combat consumer confusion about expiration language, late last year, the U.S.

Food Safety Precautions During Extreme Weather

When extreme weather conditions result in environmental hazards such as flooding, it is important to still practice food safety measures to help support your health. Safe food handling precautions are important under optimal conditions, but they should also be practiced under stressed, emergency conditions as well. In addition to these actions, there are more considerations to be mindful of in cases of long and short-term power outages.

Keep in the Cold

Dining 101: Managing Food Allergies at College

As the summer winds down, a fresh crispness lingers in the air. Fall is right around the corner. This also means students are getting ready to head off to college.

Students face many new adjustments and responsibilities when they start school such as sharing a small space with a roommate they barely know and balancing difficult, fast-paced coursework.

Food Waste 101

Food waste is a huge issue piling up on the world’s dinner plate. And, while the U.S. is fortunate to enjoy one of the most productive and plentiful food supplies in the world, our abundance has also created an enormous trash pile.

Food Safety Checklist for College Students

Preparing for college can be overwhelming. Between saying farewell to close friends and making sure you’ve packed your life away, it’s easy to overlook a few things during the big move. We know you have created a laundry list of essentials to bring along on this new journey. But there’s one thing you have more than likely forgotten—food safety!

“Meat” You at the Finish Line

Including meat in your diet can provide many benefits. Meat contains nutrients like protein, vitamin B and E, as well as zinc and iron, that are essential for muscles and bone health.

Sustainable Food, Satisfied Consumer

Over the years, the Food and Health survey has found that consumers are concerned with sustainability when they make food and beverage purchases.  This year's survey is no exception. Consumers are looking to buy food products that are sustainably produced.

What You Need to Know About Farmers Markets and Food Safety

Summer time calls for barbecue, time at the pool and beach vacations. For any of these occasions, you may want to enjoy a nice slice of watermelon, a big bowl of strawberries, or a tall glass of lemonade. Where can you get the foods you need to have these summer delicacies? Why your local farmers market, of course!