"Anatomy of a Foodie": Group Profiles from the 2017 Food and Health Survey

Do you consider yourself a foodie? See how your foodie credentials compare to new insights from the 2017 Food & Health Survey.

An analysis of purchase drivers from the 2017 Survey reveals six distinct groups of consumers, including foodies.  These profiles help us understand how different consumers think about and shop for food beyond traditional demographics like age, income or gender.

One in seven Food and Health Survey respondents qualify as a foodie. Foodies are more confident in their nutrition know-how, will sacrifice cost and convenience to get foods that align with their values, and even define “healthy” differently than other types of consumers. Check out the materials on this page for more foodie facts.


"Anatomy of a Foodie"
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"Anatomy of a Foodie"
"2017 Food & Health Survey
Food Decision Profiles"
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