2nd Edition (2003): Food Biotechnology: A Communications Guide to Improving Understanding

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(2003) The International Food Information Council (IFIC) produced this Communications Guide for Improving Understanding of Food Biotechnology, 2nd Edition, in an effort to aid food, agriculture and health communicators (ex. educators, health professionals, and others) in providing consumer-friendly, science-based information on food biotechnology and its uses and potential benefits, both now and in the future.

The Guide offers effective tools for communicators to help consumers make informed choices about their food. 

As a communicator, you can help share the facts and clear up misinformation about food biotechnology and modern food production by using these resources with consumers and clients to: 1) define food biotechnology, 2) describe the scope of foods and products it includes, and 3) provide information about the uses and benefits of biotechnology that may not be well-known.

Among other things, the Guide includes a PowerPoint presentation designed for easy use by communicators with a wide range of experience to effectively address questions and common misperceptions about food biotechnology.

The Guide incorporates messages and language that has been found through consumer research to resonate with consumers and improve awareness and understanding of food biotechnology.

Components of the Guide:

  • Key Messages on Food Biotechnology
  • The Language of Food Biotechnology
  • "The Past, Present, and Future of Biotechnology"- powerpoint presentation and discussion guide
  • History of Food Improvements and Developments
  • Myths and Facts About Food Biotechnology
  • What the Experts Say about Food Biotechnology
  • Guidelines for Interacting with the Media
  • Independent Food Biotechnology Authorities
  • Professional Science and Health Organizations/Government Information
  • National and Local Resources on Food Biotechnology
  • Guide to Helpful Food Biotechnology Websites
  • Improving Public Understanding: Guidelines for Communicating Emerging Science on Nutrition, Food Safety and Health

Download a PDF of the guide.

Download the PowerPoint Presentation

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