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Article | Oct 16 2009

MSG BrochureEating is one of life's pleasures.

Guidelines & Regulations | Oct 14 2009

The International Food Information Council Foundation has developed a Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)-approved continuing professional education (CPE) online program on the subject of low

Data & Survey | Oct 14 2009

Consumers’ appetites for food and nutrition news seem nearly insatiable.

Article | Oct 14 2009

Acesulfame potassium is a calorie-free sweetener that has been used in foods and beverages around the world for 15 years.

Article | Oct 14 2009

Caffeine is one of the most comprehensively studied ingredients in the food supply and has been safely consumed in foods and beverages for centuries.  Evidence of caffeine’s beneficial effects on p

Article | Oct 14 2009


Article | Oct 14 2009

This publication addresses common health issues for women and how caffeine can safely be consumed, dispelling myths about caffeine and women's health.

Article | Oct 14 2009


Article | Oct 14 2009

Whether waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, enjoying lunch with a refreshingly cold soft drink or relaxing in the evening with a cup of tea, these daily pleasures often have a common i

Article | Oct 12 2009
This IFIC Review examines how low-calorie sweeteners (sometimes referred to as non-nutritive sweeteners, artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes) are used to help reduce the caloric c