Food Safety

Blog entry | Apr 09 2015

Here’s the good news: food recalls are in place to protect public health.  The recall process involves coordination between manufacturers, public health professionals, and others. 

Blog entry | Apr 07 2015

It’s been said that food is the universal language. We all eat it, cook it, prepare it, and want it to be safe-no matter our country of origin.

Blog entry | Mar 30 2015

Organic and conventionally produced foods. They may seem like “apples and oranges,” but they have a lot more similarities than you may think.

Blog entry | Mar 27 2015

This month’s issue of National Geographic arrived in mailboxes (yes, those still exist) covering a pretty heated topic: The War on Science. You can

Press Release | Mar 20 2015

Recent publications by the International Agency for Research on Cancer and Consumer Reports question the safety of consuming conventionally grown fruits, vegetables, and foods containing crops grow

Blog entry | Mar 20 2015

Once again, Consumer Reports is making some pretty questionable claims about our food.

Blog entry | Mar 19 2015

Recently, there have been a number of stories about food recalls, from the Today Show to social media.  You may have heard about the

Blog entry | Mar 06 2015

Thinking about where dairy products come from is one of the most confusing farming practices for most shoppers.