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Better Know a Microbiologist: Meet Tamika

Every day, we at the IFIC Foundation are working hard to bring you great content by qualified experts. But who are these experts toiling away? In our series "Better Know a Dietitian" (or an expert in nutrition, food safety, or agriculture), we introduce you to the smart folks who make sure that you've got the very best information in food safety, agriculture, and nutrition.

Vote for Fortified Orange Juice [INFOGRAPHIC]

This vitamin powerhouse is the perfect pick. In addition to the vitamin C in orange juice, fortified options offer calcium and vitamin D as well! Fortified orange juice can be paired with oats to help with iron absorption, or it's a great addition to a nutritious smoothie.

News Bite: On Mindful Eating and Flavorful Cooking

This year at the BlogHer Food conference, Food Insight sponsored an event to introduce mindful eating and flavorful cooking to food bloggers.

News Bite: Boomers vs. Millennials: Mind the Food Generation Gap

These days, Millennials get all the attention. But let’s not forget about Boomers. They make up a large portion of the U.S. population and have money to spend on consumer goods, especially on food.

But what are Boomers looking for when it comes to nutrition? Read our latest article for Food Dive on how Boomers differ from Millennials in what they choose to eat, who they trust and even how the two generations are more similar than we might think.

Vote for Soy Milk [INFOGRAPHIC]

With lots of milk options out there, remember that soy milk is a candidate that can work for you. It is a complete protein that helps with weight management and muscle growth; it contains calcium for bones and skeletal health; and it has unsaturated fats that support a healthy heart. Need another reason? Its delicious flavor makes a great complement to cereal, oatmeal, coffee and tea.

Vote for Chicken [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want a candidate that everyone can get behind? Chicken is the answer for this election season. Not only is chicken an easy centerpiece for any meal, there are so many different ways to prepare it. Whether roasted on its own, as part of a sandwich or salad, or used as the main protein in a recipe, you can certainly support the health benefits it provides.

Our Favorite Tricks for Nutrition, and Treats for Splurging

You can't find a "one-size-fits-all" nutrition plan.  We all have different ideas on how to stick to a healthful routine. So this Halloween, all of us at Food Insight wanted to share with you our favorite tricks for maintaining a healthy eating pattern, and on the other hand, our favorite treats for splurging. Enjoy! 

Vote for Whole Grain Crackers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whole grain crackers deserve to be elected as the healthy hero of snack time. Eat whole grain crackers on their own or pair with dips, spreads or proteins like meat and cheese to make easy and delicious snacks. This candidate also happens to come with health benefits like fiber for digestive health and whole grains for weight management.

Vote for Cocoa [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just in time for fall, one of our favorite candidates, cocoa, has stepped up to the platform. Whether it’s a small piece of dark chocolate, a cup of hot cocoa as a satisfying treat, or using cocoa in oatmeal, yogurt, or recipes, pick this versatile ingredient for a ton of health benefits.

IFIC Foundation Creates One Health Day Awareness

Co-coordinated by the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team and the One Health Platform Foundation, One Health Day is an international campaign whose goal is to raise awareness about the One Health approach to "complex challenges involving people, animals and the environment." In as many countries as possible, activities and events will give scientists, p