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News Bite: Q&A on Glycidyl Esters and 3-MCPD

Oils play a very important role in food ingredients: They enhance flavor, improve texture, keep food moist, and enhance the absorption of key nutrients. Oils, like olive and canola, are good sources of unsaturated fats that have been shown to support heart health. Additionally, other oils, like palm oil, are being used as a safe alternative for trans fat, a type of fat that the FDA has removed from the food supply.

We Took a Mindful Eating Challenge and Here's What Happened.

Mindful eating is a great way to enhance any dietary pattern and it allows you to enjoy and appreciate the foods you are already eat. But how hard is it to eat mindfully? To find out, we challenged ourselves to mindfully eat for as little as one meal or up to 24 hours. How did we do? Here is our take on the experience.

Our Health and Wellness Goals for 2017

Last year, a few of us here at the IFIC Foundation shared with you our New Year’s resolutions. Let’s check in to see how we did last year and make some new goals for 2017!

Megan Meyer, PhD:

Think You Have Food Poisoning? Here's What You Should Do

The saying “having your cake and eating it too” resonates with many people—of course we all want to be able to eat our cake! You also don’t want the cake to make you sick, right?!

A Guide to Making Sense of Sugars

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Few topics in nutrition have received more attention in recent years than sugars and added sugars.

What To Look for in Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. In fact, a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture notes that on any given day, 13 percent of Americans over the age of two consumed pizza.  That number dramatically increases for children and younger adults.

However, sometimes it gets a bad rap for not being the healthiest option. What are some tips and tricks to make pizza a healthier choice? Find out below.

Better Know a Microbiologist: Meet Tamika

Every day, we at the IFIC Foundation are working hard to bring you great content by qualified experts. But who are these experts toiling away? In our series "Better Know a Dietitian" (or an expert in nutrition, food safety, or agriculture), we introduce you to the smart folks who make sure that you've got the very best information in food safety, agriculture, and nutrition.

Vote for Fortified Orange Juice [INFOGRAPHIC]

This vitamin powerhouse is the perfect pick. In addition to the vitamin C in orange juice, fortified options offer calcium and vitamin D as well! Fortified orange juice can be paired with oats to help with iron absorption, or it's a great addition to a nutritious smoothie.

News Bite: On Mindful Eating and Flavorful Cooking

This year at the BlogHer Food conference, Food Insight sponsored an event to introduce mindful eating and flavorful cooking to food bloggers.