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Food Evolution: The GMO Debate Hits the Theaters [VIDEO]

Few subjects about food and nutrition spark more intense discussions than genetic engineering, or GMOs. While no documentary is perfect, we were curious to see if the same will hold true for the "Food Evolution," a new documentary that's the latest entry into the GMO debate on the Silver Screen. Academy Award nominee filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy recently sat down with us to talk about his new film that opened in New York City on June 23.

Fast Take: Are you frying your health with french fries?

Each time a nutrition study descends upon the internet I cringe internally. I have to brace myself as I click through the various news outlets covering it, knowing that I may encounter sensational reporting, regardless of the actual content of the scientific study.  Here’s what you need to know about a new study that found an association between fried potatoes and increased mortality.

#CenterYourFocus: 5 Foods to Include in Your Shopping Cart

You know that first day of school feeling, when you walk into a large, new room and suddenly don’t know where to sit? Unsure if it’s safe to dive into a center aisle, you choose to sit along perimeter because you’ll be less confused on the outside. That’s how I used to feel when I entered a grocery store. Scared of the unknown center aisles and their supposed “hidden dangers”, I only scanned the outside perimeter of the grocery store. I mean, that is what I was hearing on my social channels and in the news.

Give Your Baked Goods a Boost with Coffee Flour

From banana flour to quinoa flour, it can be hard to keep up with all these new, trendy flours. Sorting out the potential cooking, baking and health benefits they all offer can be overwhelming. But exotic flours can be an exciting way to incorporate different flavors and nutrients into our favorite baked goods. As a sustainable and nutritious food, coffee flour may be worth checking out the next time you do your flour shopping or want to add some pizzazz to a recipe.

What is Coffee Flour?

New Food Fad: Lectin-Free Diet

There have been a few articles written in recent days discussing lectins (proteins found in plants and animals), how they are damaging to your health, and why you should avoid them. *Insert eye roll*.

Fast Take: What You Need to Know about a New Study Linking Beverages to Stroke or Dementia

A new study has examined the associations between consumption of beverages sweetened with sugar and/or low-calorie sweeteners and stroke or dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

ASPARTAME: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth [VIDEO]

We all have at least a bit of a sweet tooth, right? Well, most of us deprive ourselves at one time or another out of fear of excess calories. But some people also avoid foods and beverages containing the low-calorie sweetener aspartame because they see confusing headlines and suspicious "science" about its safety and benefits.

Fast Take: A Recent Study in JAMA vs. the Dietary Guidelines

Hardly a month goes by without a new nutrition research study capturing headlines. March is #NationalNutritionMonth, so, of course, another nutrition study (Micha et al.) is in the spotlight. It’s published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and examines the associations between intakes of specific foods and nutrients on cardiometabolic health outcomes including heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes.

Pesticides: Myths vs. Reality [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to pesticides, there is a lot of debate in the media about what is true and what is false. Once and for all, let's debunk some of the most common myths about pesticides.

Try It Tuesday: The Blue Zone Diet

Have you ever heard of Blue Zones? They aren't places where people are sad, but instead can tell us a lot about healthy diets and longevity.